Carl Showalter Talk (Partner at Opus Capital)

When/Where: Friday, April 15 @ 1:30 PM in RRH 225

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After having Kent from Bessemer Venture Partners, VVF is having Carl Showalter from Opus Capital this Friday! This is a great opportunity to hear one of UVA's most notable alumni in the venture capital industry speak and gain his insights! Open to ALL STUDENTS and faculty.

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About Carl Showalter

Carl Showalter brings more than 12 years of executive experience to Opus from innovative and market-making technology companies such as Juniper Networks and UUNET.

Carl’s current areas of interest include the Internet of Things, enterprise SaaS, next generation wireless, and data center/cloud infrastructure software.

Before joining Opus Carl was a General Partner with Lightspeed Venture Partners. Prior to this Carl served as Vice President of Marketing at Juniper Networks, where he built and led a global marketing and product management organization. Before Juniper, Carl was Vice President of Dial and Broadband Services for UUNET, overseeing the 300-person, $1B revenue division.

He also held various sales and management positions at ANS, an AOL company, where he helped build AOL’s modem access network and then helped launch hardware-based firewalls and IP VPNs in the mid 1990’s. Carl began his career at Bellcore, focusing on network security and data service delivery. At Bellcore, Carl performed logical and physical attacks on phone company infrastructure, helping them fix these vulnerabilities.

Carl holds a BS degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia and an MS degree in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University. You can follow Carl on Twitter @carlshow.