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Why Partner with VVF?

  • VVF analysts can help identify investment opportunities for your team, aid with new and ongoing valuation initiatives, and conduct due diligence on specific target areas as needed. VVF analysts can also help concisely summarize and draw relevant conclusions in analysis.
  • A partnership with VVF allows you to gain insight from students on startups and other initiatives, and helps to bring more diversity to your team.
  • VVF partners have access to ongoing off-cycle support from our analysts throughout the year, rather than just during summer and winter breaks.
  • By partnering with VVF, you can easily connect with other VVF partners, and see potential syndicate opportunities.
  • The VVF team is extremely flexible in designing and implementing projects for analysts. We are always open to unique project ideas, and will work with your timeline.
  • All of our analysts are eager to learn and take on any new and interesting roles your team may have to get a better understanding of the world of PE/VC investing.

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