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Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently do you meet?

New analysts meet one to two times a week to participate in training sessions. Experienced analysts meet as often as needed for their specific projects. All analysts also attend several social events to learn from one another as well as networking sessions to learn more about potential careers.

How many hours per week does the average member spend on your organization's activities?

We will be sure to work with analysts who have specific requirements or other time commitments when placing students on new projects.

What is the application process?

Our first conversation with potential members is to understand their interest in our club. Should there be a good fit, we extend invitations to interview. Incoming members of each analyst class are welcomed after successfully completing several rounds of interviews. Applications to VVF open in each fall in late August or early September and remain open for about a week.

Who can I contact to get more information?

Any Exec member (see home page)

Who is the ideal candidate for VVF?

We are looking for hard working students who are passionate about investing and interested in learning through real-world experiences. 

Is there prerequisite knowledge to join?

There is no prerequisite knowledge of business, venture capital, or private equity in order to join. We look for driven students who are interested in investing.

What type of work do you do when staffed on a project?

Work completed by analysts is broken down into three categories:

How many projects do people (on average) complete?

This ranges, however, most students complete three to four projects

Where do VVF members go to work?

VVF members go on to work at a wide variety of industry leaders across the financial services landscape including:

Where can I go to learn more about what is venture capital and private equity prior to seeing if VVF is the right club for me?

How can I get involved in the Impact Fund?

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