VAccelerate is an initiative that was started by Virginia Venture Fund leaders in the Fall of 2016. The initial idea was to promote entrepreneurship in the UVA community through grants, workspace, and resources. Since then VAccelerate has evolved to become a mini-accelerator providing initial grant money and advice to startups founded by UVA students. After a few semesters working with venture capital and growth equity partners, VVF analysts are able to apply the skills they have learned to help chosen startups advance to the next stage. In Spring 2018, VVF provided 4 startups with grant money and welcomed them to the VAccelerate ecosystem. Below are VAccelerate’s portfolio companies.


Divison 1-on-1 Trainers.png

Division 1-on-1 was co-founded by UVA students Grant Sirlin and Jared Vishno. The company provides a platform that connects Division 1 college athletes with individuals and sports leagues looking for personal trainers.

Virginia Venture Fund presented Division 1-on-1 with a VAccelerate grant in the Fall of 2018 and continues to support their efforts to expand their business within the Charlottesville community.


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ROAM was co-founded by UVA students Christian Lessard and Frayser Wall. This travel app takes the guesswork out of planning trips by personalizing the experience, giving users relevant information to make quality decisions.  

Virginia Venture Fund presented ROAM with a VAccelerate grant in the Spring of 2018 and continues to work with them as they develop their app in beta.


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MIST, which stands for Minimally Invasive Spinal Technology, LLC, was co-founded by UVA students Alexander Singh and Rohit Rustagi. This company is working towards providing a viable alternative to the current treatment options for patients diagnosed with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. They hope to replace the often tedious and painful series of surgeries offered to patients with a process that is still as effective but has a shorter period of treatment.