Virginia Venture Fund

Giving UVA students real-world PE and VC experience


Giving UVA students real-world private equity and venture capital experience

The Virginia Venture Fund’s (VVF) mission is to educate students about the buy side industry by giving them real world experience from early on in their time at UVA. VVF gives students hands-on experience by conducting semester-long projects with venture capital, growth equity, and private equity firms where students complete due diligence and deal sourcing for partner firms. VVF also hosts an annual VC/PE due diligence competition for undergraduate students around the nation. Finally, VVF aims to support underrepresented communities by deploying capital through the Impact Fund.


Matthew Griff


Aryan Pandya

Co-Chief Operating Officer

Will Tucker

Co-Chief Operating Officer

Grace Nemec

Co-Chief Information Officer

Kelly Yu

Co-Chief Information Officer

David Hasani

Chief of External Affairs

Alex Pentimonti

Chief of Internal Affairs

Sanjeev Kumar

Director of Equity

Eeshma Narula

MD, Impact Fund



Impact Fund

Investing in minority-owned

The Impact Fund’s mission is to focus on supporting and bolstering minority business ownership primarily through capital investment and strategic advisement. With the use of our human capital and financial capital, we hope to expand businesses with their operational and growth strategies while fostering two-way relationships.

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